Friday, June 15, 2018

Race 3 - Allah duhai hain!

Firstly, Eid Mubarak to my friends who are celebrating. It's a long weekend here and salman khan is back with his Eidi. We had not much to do, so we headed out to watch Race3. It was a fight getting tickets and the theater was jam packed (i feel it's important to mention here that we weren't the only idiots) But the movie turned out to be one of the most boring and dull movies i have seen in recent times. first there was no plot. whatever plot there was, came to light in the last 15 minutes. till then, characters came and went. characters fought. characters danced - with no story built up.

when bobby deol and daisy shah started swaying to a meaningless song that goes "ek baar selfish... blah blah blah" i saw a man from my row walk out. wait, that was my husband! when another party song came up a girl in the row said "what! one more?" wait, that was my daughter. and the one boy who normally laughs loud in the theater was awefully quiet - my son. anil kapoor sums up the movie brilliantly in his dehati accent in one of his dialogues, "ee ka bullsit family melodrama karat rahein ho bituwa"

of the star cast, anil kapoor does his job well, as the senior of the family. salman khan is on a leash - he wants to do more for his die hard fans, but the director promised equal footage to all. daisy shah and  deol seem to be trying too hard to make a comeback. bobby looks crooked (did he always look this way?). daisy shah is good in some action scenes but emotes like a parrot. saqib saleem has a few lines and plenty of fast cars. jackie is hot!

The Race franchise is supposed to churn out movies that are full of twists and turns in the plot with shock after shock. The only point in the movie when i felt a shock was when, towards the end, anil kapoor (a la black panther) says "the race is still on", hinting a Race4. Allah duhai hain, fir jaan pe aayi hain!

Some races are best left to the Men in White. abbas mastan we want u back!

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Vinita Sawant said...

Super review Anu!! 👌😂