Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last known good configuration..

She’s cranky, easily irritable and definitely in pain. My two year old daughter has a stomach infection and running to the potty too often has made her very tired. I keep thinking of what she might have eaten that got her the infection. Maybe it’s the curd she ate the other day, maybe it’s the corn, or maybe it’s just the water. I can’t see her this way. Just two days back she was bouncing around merrily playing with her toys, singing her nursery rhymes and making us laugh with her baby talk. It’s when I see her like I see her now that I feel there should be a feature put in babies, by God himself, for sad parents like me – to revert to ‘The last known good configuration’ (If you have ever used a Windows O/S you’ll know the value of it!) I am sure a lot of moms around the globe would love that!


Ketaki said...

Totally understand. I was a wreck when Avanee was sick at 7 months. Poor thing could not tell that she was not feeling well.. I told my mom that kids should not fall sick, she said no one should.. :(

pramod said...

it should have been there at around your birth time