Friday, March 1, 2013

The Vegas memoranadum

When my husband planned to go on a all-guys trip to Vegas this is what he had to sign- 

1. iPhone should be switched on and in your pocket at all times. The ‘Where am I’ app should be active at all times.
2. What happens in Vegas cannot stay in Vegas. A complete account in direct narration or video recording format must become available on arrival.
3. Though 5 shots of tequila may make you think otherwise, remember and act your real age.
4. Know when to stop – drinking. And otherwise too.
5. Always remember there’s a wife at home who loves you more than anything else in the world. Ok, cut the crap. Always remember there’s a wife at home taking care of the children - children who are capable of driving her crazy to the limit that she is capable of murder – your murder!
6. Remember that all your credit card transactions will be monitored. So don’t act smart!
7. This home is run using uncountable coupons, deals and trips to the Dollar store. So remember that the money in your pocket is not for squandering at casinos. $20 gambling limit applies.
8. That said, I definitely encourage you to enjoy your stay in Vegas. Recommended attractions – Fountains at Bellagio, M&M world, Eiffel Tower experience at Paris.

Please sign the bottom (that’s the only one you promise to see) and return –



Ketaki said...

Very well written ! I am rolling on the floor

Deepti Bhatnagar said...

Too good to be true ;-D