Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random thoughts on a spring cleaning day.

I was cleaning up my kids’ wardrobe; segregating their clothes - winter clothes, Goodwill clothes, play clothes - when I started observing.

  • Only about 40% of clothes had been utilized a 100%. No surprises that these were the ones that were easy to iron or needed no ironing at all. And they were all dark in color. 
  • Also ironically, the least utilized ones were the ones that looked really good on them.  These were the save-it-for-special-occasions clothes that had eventually ended up in the uselessly-outgrown stack. 
  • The hand-me-down pile going out of the house was really small. Most of my boy’s old jeans were ripped near the knees. Most of my girl’s jeans, though 3 sizes smaller now, she still wore – as Capris.  Talk about forever size zero!
  • The girl’s side of the wardrobe had encroached onto the boy’s. (Who hasn't gone to get a blue shirt for their son and bought three new dresses for their daughter along with it?) 
  • For the girl, the intersection set of the clothes that I liked and approved of and the clothes that she liked and wanted to wear seemed very small.  And this set was getting smaller, I noticed, with each passing year. 
  • And weren't they potty trained now? Did they really need that many under wear? 
  • And what a hopeless optimistic I am, keeping all those solitary socks!

Spring time is good. It makes me clean up the space and get rid of the things I no longer need. I wish I could do that exercise for my mental space. 


Rahul Pisal said...

very well said !!! I hope we are learning a lesson from all this !! :)

Gaurav Kundarap said...

Hahaha, Rahul I was hoping Avanti reads this too.

Gaurav Kundarap said...

Hahaha, Rahul I was hoping Avanti reads this too.

Avanti said...

Interesting article. I think spring cleaning should not be just limited to the Spring :):)

Pramod Athalye said...

My comment is always same.Keep writing & now keep cleaning