Thursday, July 18, 2013

7 reasons why I can feel my 7 year old is no longer 7

1.  She no longer whines and wins, she argues and wins.
2. She thinks all boys including her brother but excluding her dad, grandads, Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor are STUPID.
3.  She thinks Disney princess and Barbie Tees are childish. But she's still not gotten any interest in the Hannah Montanas or Justine Biebers
4.  When she sings Gangnam style she lowers her voice between the words 'Hey' and 'lady', almost muting the S word. she then tells me she thinks this is a 'cheap' song.
5. She has a pair of high heel shoes in which she walks comfortably.
6. She watches the  'Sound of music' with me and enjoys it. And then we sing 'raindrops on roses' together.
7. When I am driving her to school, she turns off the radio and says, "mumma let's do some gappa-tappa (chatting) ". 

Happy 8th birthday daughter-turning-dear-friend Tanisha.


Gaurav Kundarap said...

So cute, can't believe she is already 8!

Rahul Pisal said...

Very well captured. Our little Tambuting is not little anymore. Growing into her own personality.

Sangeeta Kulkarni said...

Wow. Is that what happens when they turn 8? Looking forward to it !

Sameer Dabadghav said...

Really, Tanu is 8 now and today she spoke over the phone like a big matured girl !! Best wishes to her on her b'day !! - Suvarna Atya