Thursday, December 17, 2009

1 day personal work...

One of my team members told me he would be on leave for a day for some personal work. I said ok. Today we got an email from him saying he is the father of a baby boy. At lunch we all discussed how we never knew his wife was expecting. And that made me think – “How god damn easy, simple and uncomplicated it is to be a father”. It just took me back in time 2 yrs when I got to know I was carrying.

The first three months were crazy. I did not want anyone in the office to know about it. I would need to throw up at least thrice a day so I would go to the restroom on the third floor of my office and do the needful. Thinking of it makes me feel like puking again. By the time that phase was over, it was time to reveal it because it was showing anyways. I had to miss an amazing summit in the US where all my colleagues got a chance to go. I could have gone but there was a chance my child would have been born somewhere over Saudi Arabia, so I dropped the plan. I worked hard till the last week so I could get most of the 3 month maternity leave. After the 3 month leave I had to go to my manager to ask for an extension. After that I had to go to him again to ask if I could work from home for some more months.

The new dad is in office today.

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Ketaki said...

It is ironical. Esp men in india, they don't have to curb anything in their lifestyle if they wish. Grandparents and mother, do you really need a father???