Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mumbai to Newark kodak moments..

1. On Mumbai airport Kapil had a good time rolling on the floor.
2. Kapil was pointing fingers at every Chinese-looking man, and yelling “mumma Chinese”. Very embarrassing, but thankfully no one understood his “mumma shinese”
3. Kapil wanted to pull off the carryon tags on every passenger’s bag. No ‘shinese’, American or Indian was spared.
4. Tanisha was a savior. She dutifully kept him occupied at Mumbai airport while I filled all the immigration forms.
5. Inglifht entertainment was not provided by Continental. It was provided by Kapil. Orange juice was on the floor twice, seats belts were not used at all, and the airhostess was referred to as “air hostess bai”.
6. Then there was silence and the kids slept good 8 hours straight. Thank God! And then it started again..
7. Three inside the airline toilet was no fun….
8. At Newark, while I stood in the immigration line, kapil ran around (again) and I was almost on the verge of a breakdown. The 10 kg backpack on my shoulders wasn’t making it easy either.
9. While I talked to the immigration officer with kapil in my arms and tanu by my side, kapil reached out for the officer’s pens and they all fell down. Thankfully he was a sweet guy and just said “hey buddy you are not supposed to touch that. Would it be ok if I came home and touched your stuff?” Kapil gave him a i-don’t-understand-or-care look and continued to reach out for the pens.
10. At baggage claim kapil wanted to get our bags off the belt. I tried explaining to him that he would not be able to lift the bag of the belt but he was in no mood to listen. He would try and pull the bag, fall down and the bag would go ahead and make one full circle before coming back. Finally I lost my patience, he got his first spanking in the US and we were out of baggage claim.
11. Magical moment – meeting rahul at the arrival gate. How was the journey he asked? Just take the kid I said.


AshaCoolkarni said...

kasala genuine description aahe.. very well written. Congratulations to you! mission accomplished!

Neel said...

Hello! I think I followed a link from somewhere else... Kasla masta lihila ahes! Was this the most memorable and not to be repeated trip ever?


SShhhhhh said...

hahahah. could totally imagine how d journey would hav bin!!